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7:00pm - Friday Game Tournaments

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Wer alle Schritte des Programms absolviert hat, erhält ein Abzeichen.


$5.00 FOR 5 TICKETS 🎟️ Entry Fees and Ticketing: • Participants buy tickets to enter the tournament. • Each ticket costs $1, with a minimum purchase of $5 worth of tickets. • Tickets can be used for multiple entries or saved for future tournaments/events. 🏟️ Tournament Categories: • Different categories based on game types (e.g., fighting games, racing games, strategy games). • Age groups or skill levels to ensure fair competition (e.g., kids, teens, adults). 🏆 Winning Prizes: • The winning pot of tickets who participant as a group of friends or family can use all those tickets to redeem in-store. • Every ticket represents a dollar is a ticket that can be redeemed for purchases.

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